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Change is hard. It often seems too difficult, intangible, unreachable.

That’s why people don’t start.
That’s why people drop out.

How can we help more people take action?

How can we help more people take action?

stepp is a digital platform that automates the personalisation of care, and enables healthcare practitioners to create, distribute and monitor achievable journeys of change and recovery for their patients. stepp innovates in Person-centred Care by facilitating:

  • Holistic, dynamic, and engaging medical-intervention plans;• Prevention of new episodes or deterioration of health conditions; and

  • Creation of sustainable healthy habits.

While healthcare professionals know exactly what people need to do in order to improve and flourish, the challenge is helping patients to do it. stepp solves this problem by offering:

  • Online tools for organisations and healthcare professionals to create, offer, and monitor personalised treatments that automatically adjust to individual patients' needs;

  • Dashboards to measure intervention impact and communicate with patients’ in real time;

  • A mobile application for patients to interact and follow achievable stepps automatically

    tailored for them.

What's your next stepp?

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